El Camino Reelers: Square Dancing in Silicon Valley for the LGBTQ Community and friends

ECR Presents an APD/DBD Workshop

El Camino Reelers will hold a one day intensive workshop in All-Position Dancing and Dancing by Definition (APD/DBD), taught by caller Rob French. The workshop will be Saturday, November 23 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

For more information and to register for the workshop, see our APD/DBD Workshop page.

ECR Partners with Oaktown 8s for Fall Blast Classes

ECR is joining forces with Oaktown 8s to offer beginner-level Blast Classes in September and October. Our joint "Indigo" class takes place in Oakland on three Sundays: September 29, October 13, and October 27, with practice sessions on Wednesdays at both ECR and Oaktown.

Kurt Gollhardt is the instructor for the Blast sessions.

For more information, see our Beginner Classes page.

August 3: Cast Away Three Quarters

ECR members and friends spend the evening on their own desert island, dancing to The Skipper (aka caller Darren Gallina) as he plays the theme from "Gilligan's Island" and other nautical tunes.

Photos by Ken Seibert

July 6: Allan Gets the Boot

Congratulations to ECR's Allan Hurst on receiving the prestigious Golden Boot Award, the highest honor of the gay square dancing world, at this year's IAGSDC Convention in Philadelphia. Allan was chosen by last year's winners, Barry and Pam Clasper, for his work on the IAGSDC History Wiki, the Gay Callers Association's Call Sheet newsletter, and so much more. Well done, Allan!

Photo by Andy Shore

Real dancing.
Real people.
Real fun.

EL CAMINO REELERS is a modern Western Square Dance club, formed by lesbians and gay men in order to meet people, have fun, and learn to square dance. We dance to live callers using the Callerlab Mainstream, Plus, and Advanced programs.

LEARN TO SQUARE DANCE! It's a great way to meet active, open-minded, intelligent, and sometimes very silly people. We would love to welcome you to our club. Come to one of our monthly no experience required Fun Nights, or send a note to information@reelers.org and let us know you're interested.