El Camino Reelers: Square Dancing in Silicon Valley for the LGBTQ Community and friends


UPDATE (7/25): Santa Clara County's current shelter-in-place order was updated on July 13 as follows: "Governor Newsom announced that a number of indoor activities and industries will be closed statewide, and additional indoor activities and industries will be closed in counties that appear on the State's 'monitoring list' for three days or longer." We are currently in Stage 2. The consensus among the board is that we will wait to reopen until Stage 4 has been announced for Santa Clara County. We will discuss more specific potential reopening dates once Stage 3 has begun. At that time we will send out a survey/poll to ECR members to ask what they would be comfortable doing and when.

Given the increasingly severe nature of the COVID-19/coronavirus situation, and after consulting with other clubs facing similar challenges. the board of El Camino Reelers is suspending all club dancing until further notice.

Please know that this hiatus is not being undertaken lightly. Our club's demographics closely mirror those of individuals at high risk to contract COVID-19.

The only proven method in other countries to slow the spread of the virus to a level which is potentially manageable by our health care system is to utilize "social distancing". This means avoiding group situations such as dancing, theater, concerts, and even crowded public spaces such as restaurants or bars or stores.

We are not the only square dance club to go on hiatus. Clubs in Boston, Seattle, Portland and other areas have cancelled dancing. Foggy City recently announced their own hiatus through at least April 6th and other bay area clubs have taken similar steps. Our friends in the contra community all over the country are facing the same challenge, and many of the local contra dances are being placed on hiatus pending a resolution of the current crisis.

To echo a sentiment expressed by Foggy City's board: Losing even one square dancer to this crisis is not acceptable.

Please do your best to remain safe and healthy. Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, keep a sixr-foot distance from others in public when you can, and stay home if you feel ill.

When this situation is over, we will return to doing what we all love: dancing in celebration.


EL CAMINO REELERS is a modern Western Square Dance club, formed by lesbians and gay men in order to meet people, have fun, and learn to square dance. We dance to live callers using the Callerlab Mainstream, Plus, and Advanced programs.

LEARN TO SQUARE DANCE! It's a great way to meet active, open-minded, intelligent, and sometimes very silly people. We would love to welcome you to our club. Come to one of our monthly no experience required Fun Nights, or send a note to information@reelers.org and let us know you're interested.