El Camino Reelers: Square Dancing in Silicon Valley for the LGBTQ Community and friends

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Photos from ECR events

September 26: Congratulations, New Grads!

ECR welcomed our GREEN Blast Class graduates with diplomas and silly square dance games. And cake, of course!

Photos by Ken Seibert>
ECR's new PLUS Graduates with instructor Kurt Gollhardt

September 14, 2018: A Night at the Ballet

Everything was beautiful at ECR's fall potluck. Big turnout (including a lot of our new Plus grads), great food, and top-notch calling by club caller Michael Levy.

Photos by Ken Seibert>

September 9, 2018: What a Blast!

ECR's GREEN Blast Class wrapped up the PLUS curriculum at the Billy DeFrank LGBTQ Community Center in San Jose. Kurt Gollhardt was the instructor.

Photo by Allan Hurst

August 17, 2018: Hot Fun in the Summertime

ECR Fun Nights return to St. Andrews as caller Michael Levy pumps up the energy with a mixer dance.

Photos by Ken Seibert

August 4, 2018: Sunglasses Optional!

Big turnout on a hot summer night for our "Star Across Summer" quarterly dance with caller Darren Gallina.

Photos by Ken Seibert & Thom Dang

August 2, 2018: Out at the Fair

ECR dancers promote the Gay Square Dance Agenda, pulling bystanders into a demo tip at the first-ever "Out at the Fair" LGBTQ night at the Santa Clara County Fair. Kurt Gollhardt was our caller for the evening.

Photo by Eric Hudson

July 20, 2018: Fun at the Billy deFrank Center

ECR takes its monthly Fun Night program to the Billy deFrank LGBTQ Community Center in San Jose. Caller Kurt Gollhardt introduced the group to the Virginia Reel and a variety of other novel dances, as well as beginning square dance moves.

Photos by Annette Graff

June 16, 2018: San Mateo Pride

ECR members whoop it up onstage at San Mateo Pride. Rich Reel was our caller. We also had a booth where we spread the word about our Fun Nights to potential dancers.

Photos by Ken Seibert

June 15, 2018: Fun with Eric

ECR welcomed guest caller Eric Henerlau to our June Fun Night. Along with square dance basics, Eric taught some easy line dances like the Electric Slide ("If you've been to a wedding, you've done this.") and the "Wild Wild West" barn dance (an ECR fave).

Photos by Ken Seibert

June 13, 2018: Welcome, New Grads!

ECR welcomed its 2018 "Green" Blast Class graduates with diplomas and speechifying, and cake. Caller Michael Levy led the group in silly square dance games. And did we mention cake?

Photos by Ken Seibert

June 3, 2018: Santa Cruz Pride

ECR kicks off Pride month at the Santa Cruz Pride Parade. Caller Rich Reel and banner carriers James Thompson and Susan Grieger show off our new club banner before we dance our way down Pacific Avenue to cheering crowds.

Photos by Ken Seibert

June 1, 2018: Pass the Ocean, Please!

Kurt Gollhardt was the caller at our June potluck and dance. Plenty of good food and decorations, and all levels of dancing to Kurt's collection of ocean-themed music, with a grand finale of "Octopus's Garden".

Photos by Ken Seibert

May 11, 2018: Fun Night

Lots of new faces at our May Fun Night. Michael Levy introduced the crowd to square dancing... and some Jewish folk dances. Hava Nagila!

Photos by Ken Seibert

April 28, 2018: A Square Dance Romance

Love was in the air on April 28 at our romance-themed "Walk & Dodge into Spring" dance. Sacramento sweethearts Scot and Erin Byars were the featured caller and cuer.

Photos by Ken Seibert

April 20, 2018 Fun Night

Cowboy up! Kurt Gollhardt teaches a line dance at ECR's April Fun Night.

Photos by Ken Seibert

February 2018: A Double Header

ECR held back-to-back dances on Friday and Saturday, February 23 and 24. First up was our monthly no-experience-required Fun Night with Kurt Gollhardt calling squares, Sicilian Circles, and a Quadrille! The next evening was our quarterly theme dance, the Black & White Ball featuring Jet Roberts calling Plus, A2 and a couple of SSD-50 (class-level) tips. Something for everyone!

Photos by Ken Seibert
Feb. 24: Lively action at the Black & White Ball.

Photos by Ken Seibert
Feb. 23: Kurt Gollhardt teaches a stately Quadrille at the Fun Night.

January 27, 2018: What a Blast!

Photos by Ken Seibert
Up to the middle and back! Instructor Arlene Kaspik keeps students and angels grinning at ECR's first weekend Blast Class, January 27-28.

January 19, 2018: Fun Night

Photos by Ken Seibert
January 19: Caller Scot Byars goes over the basics at ECR's January Fun Night.

December 2017: Holiday Fun at ECR

Photo by Ken Seibert
December 20: Winners of the Ugly Sweater contest

Photos by Bennet Marks & Ed Wilson
December 15: Caller Darren Gallina teaches the Grand Square at ECR's December Fun Night.

October 28, 2017: The Season of the Witch!

A bewitching evening of dancing, costumes and gooey treats at ECR's Halloween Ball with caller Michael Kellogg.

Photos by Ken Seibert

October 20, 2017: More Fun at ECR

The fourth in our series of "Fun Nights" (no-experience-needed dance parties) featured our own Senior Club Caller, Rich Reel. Rich taught some basic square dance moves including the awe-inspiring, death-defying "Grand Square", and kept the crowd laughing with his snappy patter. He gave some basic lessons in the Waltz and reprised the "Wild Wild West" mixer dance that Michael Levy presented at last month's Fun Night.

Photos by Ken Seibert

August 18, 2017: Another Fun Night at ECR

ECR held the second in its series of "Fun Nights" (no-experience-needed dance parties) featuring Arlene Kaspik who flew in all the way from Chicago to call for us.

Photos by Ken Seibert

August 5, 2017: The Summer of Love!

The Age of a-SQUARE-ius started off, appropriately enough, with a bit of chaos when Reelers and friends arrived to find the church occupied by another group. But we partied on and danced outside on a beautiful summer evening.

Caller Kris Jensen and cuer Sharon Parker played a stellar collection of Sixties music, and dancers came dressed in tie-dye, flowers, and peace symbols, with a lot of vintage Sixties paraphernalia. No time to decorate the hall, but it didn't matter -- WE were the decoration! Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Photos and Video by Ken Seibert

July 21, 2017: Andy Shore Kicks off ECR Fun Nights

ECR kicked off a series of "Fun Nights" -- no-experience-needed dance parties -- with the return of long-ago ECR caller Andy Shore.

Andy called a variety of dances - squares, mixers, contras - and kept the crowd buzzing with novelties like this dance for groups of 5 people:

Photos & Video by Ken Seibert

June 21, 2017: Let Them Eat Cake

New Plus grads Mary and John cut the cake to celebrate their graduation on June 21 in a ceremony that included diplomas, speechifying, and blindfolded square dancing.

Photos by Ken Seibert

June 2017: Pride Month

El Camino Reelers danced in two Pride celebrations this year: San Mateo and Santa Cruz. Rich called for both events and encouraged onlookers to join us as we strutted our stuff for the crowd.

Photos by Ken Seibert

April 15, 2017: A Great Square Dance!

Reelers and friends came out to "Make Square Dancing Great Again" at our "Walk & Dodge into Spring" dance. A last-minute appearance by caller Gary Monday saved the day, cuer Kevin Klein rounded out the evening and a splendid time was had by all.

Photos by Ken Seibert

Feb. 25, 2017: Let the Good Times Roll

Big turnout, great costumes! Reelers and friends get down at the Mardi Gras Ho-Down with caller Bill Eyler and cuer Sue Harris.

Photos by Ken Seibert

Jan. 27, 2017: ECR Tie-Dye Friday

Photos by Ken Seibert
Far out! Reelers and friends turned out in high style to dance to the mellow calling of Michael Levy.

October 29, 2016: The Legend of Scootback Mountain

A riot of crazy colors as Reelers and friends came out in Halloween costume to dance to caller Hunter Keller.

Photos by Ken Seibert

August 13, 2016: America's Square Dance

El Camino Reelers and friends were featured in two episodes of Mike Luna's closed-circuit TV show America's Square Dance, which you can now see on YouTube. At 28 minutes each, these may be more square dancing than anyone really needs to watch. Check out the "Masterpiece Theatre" intro!

August 28, 2016: Silicon Valley Pride

ECR members dance in downtown San Jose at the Silicon Valley Pride Parade

Photo by Ken Seibert

August 6, 2016: Star Across the South Pacific

Some Enchanted Evening! St. Andrews was transformed into a tropical paradise as Reelers and friends danced to caller Vic Ceder and cuer MaryAnn Callahan.

Photos by Ken Seibert

And a few more pictures by Joe Dehn

April 9, 2016: Walk & Dodge into Spring

Reelers and friends braved the rain to come out for an evening of dancing to caller Eric Henerlau and cuer Dan Drumheller in a hall full of umbrellas and flowers.

Photos by Ken Seibert

Feb. 27, 2016: Big Fun at the Black & White Ball

ECR rolled out the red carpet for the Hollywood-themed Black & White Ball as Reelers and friends partied to caller Gary Monday and cuer Dan Drumheller. Square dancing, round dancing, and even a conga line!

Photos by Ken Seibert & Ed Wilson

October 31, 2015: Wig Out!

El Camino Reelers and friends flip their wigs at ECR's 2015 Halloween Ball with caller Darren Gallina

Photos by Ken Seibert and Steven Higaki

August 31, 2015: Silicon Valley Pride

Reelers strut their stuff in San Jose at the Silicon Valley Pride parade

Photos and video by Ken Seibert

April 4, 2015: ECR 30th Anniversary

Back to the 80s! ECR's Rich Reel and Puddletown Squares' Gary Monday call for ECR's 30th Anniversary Dance

Photos by Ken Seibert • Video by Joe Dehn

March 20, 2015: ECR GDP Dance

Rubber Ducky??!! Reelers and friends having fun at ECR's GDP-level dance

Videos by Joe Dehn

November 1, 2014: Dance of the Living Dead

Let's do the Time Warp again! Caller Eric Henerlau leads zombies, spooks and assorted revelers at ECR's "Dance of the Living Dead"

Photos by Ken Seibert
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August 2, 2014: Star Across the Endless Summer

Surf's up! Reelers and friends dance to Dayle Hodge at "Star Across The Endless Summer"

June 2014: San Mateo Pride

Kicking it up at the second annual San Mateo Pride Festival

Photos by Ken Seibert

February 22, 2014: Black And White Ball

Reelers and friends dressed up (or down) in their snappiest black and white outfits to dance to Vic Ceder at ECR's Black & White Ball.

Photos by Ken Seibert
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November 2, 2013: Dia de los Muertos

Dancers from as far away as San Luis Obispo dressed up in their finest Halloween fashions and joined ECR's skeleton crew for a potluck supper and dancing to Darren Gallina's high energy calling. Lots of Dia de los Muertos-themed costumes...

photos by Dan Mutschler

And a special guest appearance by the Village People!

More photos

May 2013: San Mateo Pride

ECR performed onstage at San Mateo's very first Pride celebration in 2013.

April 27, 2013: Prom Night at El Camino High

Reelers and friends dressed up for "PROM NIGHT" with caller Michael Kellogg. Nobody had a hissy fit or threw up in the parking lot.

Photos by Ken Seibert

Dec. 12, 2012: Rich Reel's 50th Birthday

Our club caller Rich Reel hosted a 50th birthday bash at St. Andrews with a little help from his friends: Darren Gallina and his band Crossfire.

October 27, 2012: Psycho Caller

Lots of Halloween costumes, sexy, spooky and silly! El Camino Reelers and friends at "Trade by Fall: PSYCHO CALLER" with Howard Richman.

Photos by James Tensuan, Dan Mutschler, John Barney, & Bennet Marks

August 4, 2012: A SpongeBob Square Dance

Bathing beauties and cartoon characters at ECR's "Star Across Summer: A SpongeBob Square Dance" with caller Gary Monday.

Pictures courtesy of Dan Mutschler

Feb. 18, 2012: Mardi Gras Ho-Down

Purple, green and gold at the Reelers' 2012 Mardi Gras dance with caller Eric Henerlau

August 26, 2010: Square Dance Live

El Camino Reelers dancing on the Square Dance Live cable TV show in San Jose, with caller Mike Luna in the Elvis suit.

April 2-4, 2010: ECR@25: Slide Thru Silicon Valley

ECR hosted a three day fly-in in San Jose to celebrate the club's 25th anniversary, with callers Saundra Bryant, Michael Kellogg, Andy Shore, Harlan Kerr, and Rich Reel.

Photos by Scott Farrar except (10) and (11)

00 - Friday Welcome
01 - Saturday Afternoon
02 - Saturday Bear Tip
03 - Saturday Women's Tip
04 - Saturday Poolside and Dinner
05 - Saturday Evening

06 - Saturday Leather Tip
07 - Sunday Dancing
08 - Sunday Bonnets & Baskets
09 - Sunday Farewell
10 - Photos Contributed by John Barney
11 - More Contributed Photos

October 6, 1993: Club Night

A Wednesday night with ECR club caller Andy Shore

The way we were: El Camino Reelers 1986-1988

A collection of photos from ECR's earliest days by club co-founder Marilyn Martinyak

Photos courtesy of Marilyn Martinyak