El Camino Reelers: Square Dancing in Silicon Valley for the LGBTQ Community and friends

General Information

Membership Meeting

ECR held its annual Membership Meeting on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. The club's by-laws require that the Board hold a meeting at least once per year to present financial information and other general information to the members of the club.

2019 Elections

At the General Meeting, the Board presented a proposal to make two changes to the Club Charter and Bylaws.

  1. Change the requirment for Full Membership from completion of Plus instruction to completion of Mainstream instruction
  2. Change language in the Charter and Bylaws dealing with inclusiveness to align with wording recently adopted by the IAGSDC

These changes are on the February 2019 ballot for approval by club members.

Charter and Bylaws

Download a copy of our current Charter and Bylaws

(revised February 2017)

Club e-mail list

El Camino Reelers has an e-mail list for club members and friends who want to stay informed about club activities. ECR-talk is a forum for announcements, general club information, notices about other clubs' events, and occasional topical discussions.

All ECR members are automatically enrolled in ECR-talk. Non-members may ask to be added to the list. Any ECR-talk member may send messages to the entire list.

ECR-talk is generally very low traffic and is usually the best way to stay informed.

5/5/18: ECR-talk has a new service provider

Everyone previously subscribed to ECR-talk has been moved to the new service. To send a message to everyone on the new list, address it to ecrtalk@lists.reelers.org. Only subscribed members can send messages to this list.

The tools below are to help you manage your subscription. If you were on the old Stanford-based list, you are already subscribed and do not need to subscribe here.

The old Stanford-based list has been decommissioned. Our thanks to Stewart Kramer for his many years of managing ECR-talk.

Questions, problems? Contact information@reelers.org

Club Roster

ECR distributes a membership roster in PDF format for the use of members (full members and students) only. People are only listed on the roster if they choose to be, and can opt out of showing specific information (e.g., home address) by indicating this on the registration form or by sending a request to information@reelers.org.

Rosters are distributed by email in December to paid-up members, and a current one can be requested at any time by contacting information@reelers.org.

The roster is not stored on the ECR web server, so it is not visible to search engines. Please respect our members' privacy and don't re-post it on other sites.

The club also encourages members to post profiles on the IAGSDC website . This allows our members to post photos of themselves if they wish, and indicate if they belong to more than one club. You will need to register with IAGDSC to see the roster. If you have ever attended an IAGSDC Convention, you probably have at least a skeleton IAGSDC profile already.